Signal Processing

A Revolution in Smart Sensing

Sensing systems have dramatically changed our way of life! They enable remote security for our homes and businesses, constant communication with friends and family, persistent monitoring of health and fitness, and accurate voice and gesture control of our smart homes. However, power and data challenges continue to hamper ubiquitous voice control and other sensing modalities. Aspinity is transforming smart sensing with advancements in machine learning.

Our vision is that battery life does not have to stand in the way. Voice control will be ubiquitous, and realized in all products, specifically wearable and hearable devices. The earliest indication of failures in industrial machinery will be detected via small, easily deployable sensors that last for a decade. Health monitoring systems will be able to detect specific health related anomalies, yet last for a decade and free a maturing populace from all too often doctor visits.

Our expertise in neuromorphic and computational electronics has enabled us to provide an innovative solution. Integrated circuit design is the key to all sensor systems, but we do it differently. Our expertise and business model is driven by enabling customers to build more efficient sensor-based products that do not waste energy on irrelevant data. This enables existing battery-operated products to last longer plus enables a whole new generation of products that currently cannot be unplugged from persistent ac power.

Revolutionizing smart sensor processing to enable efficient data gathering and power reduction for consumer and industrial products is what we do – and we are doing it now!


Breakthrough innovations  enable accurate analog processing, like voice detection, at supply currents below 10µA

Data Reduction

Data analytics at the IoT edge to only digitize application-relevant data

Enabling the Internet of Things

Over 10x power reduction, greatly improves product longevity for the IoT