Signal Processing

An Analog Revolution

Extending lifetime and capabilities of IoT devices with innovations in analog processing

The value of the Internet of Things (IoT) is clear.  However, with the massive growth of sensors and edge devices — each capturing and processing data over long periods of time — the IoT faces new challenges in power (longevity) and data analytics (data overload). Aspinity addresses these issues by performing many traditional digital-processing tasks in the analog domain.  As a result, data analysis and data reduction can occur at the sensor edge in the natural domain of the sensor data — analog.  In consequence, power consumption is significantly reduced by limiting digitization of sensor data to only data of relevance to the application. Aspinity’s innovations in analog signal processing (ASP) will enable new architectures and systems and spearhead a significant change in data processing for the IoT age.


Breakthrough innovations  enable accurate analog processing, like voice detection, at supply currents below 10µA

Data Reduction

Data analytics at the IoT edge to only digitize application-relevant data

Enabling the Internet of Things

Over 10x power reduction, greatly improves product longevity for the IoT